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Fri, Jul 17


Shul on the Beach- Outside back of Shul

Pre-Register Shabbat Services Fri. Night July 17th 7PM / Sat. July 18th 9:30AM


Registration is Closed
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Pre-Register Shabbat Services Fri. Night July 17th 7PM / Sat. July 18th 9:30AM
Pre-Register Shabbat Services Fri. Night July 17th 7PM / Sat. July 18th 9:30AM

Time & Location

Jul 17, 2020, 7:00 PM – Jul 18, 2020, 12:30 PM

Shul on the Beach- Outside back of Shul, 505 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291

About the event

By signing up you agree to notify the Shul in the event of any change in your health status over the next 2 weeks and agree that in the unfortunate event that you contract Covid-19 (G-d forbid), you accept full liability with the full understanding that while the Shul is doing all it can to establish the safest protocols for maintaining services pursuant to federal, state and local health official guidance, the Shul cannot guarantee freedom from infection, a risk that continues to exist to everyone, as well as to those attending services at Shul or any similar gathering.

We will notify you on Friday if we have sufficient people to make the minyan. If not, we will cancel the service(s).

Dear Friends!

״זה היום עשה השם נגילה והשמחה בו״

“This is the day HaShem has wrought, we shall rejoice and be happy in it”

With great thanks to HaShem, we are ready for our initial “reopen” of the Shul. Our decision to reopen is based on governmental regulations at all levels, Torah/Rabbinic guidance, and expert medical advice and support. With a thank you to all involved I’d like to give a special shout out to our own Ellie Goldstein, MD, renowned world over in the field of infectious and communicable diseases, who has consistently given of his time, expertise and resources as a physician (especially at this time), a supporting member, and a “resident scholar”.

Consistent with a majority of sister Shuls, ours will be a “soft open." Davening and services will take place outdoors on our patio, or if needed, in the parking lot area. Even for this “outdoor Shul, we will institute the following protocols, safety directives, and measures:

  • Mandatory Pre-Registration. Shul attendance will be based on registration before Shabbat. Presently, our outdoor space has a capacity for 35 individuals. Doing our best to ensure the safety of all and Halachic guidelines for synagogue prayer, entry will be limited to those who have registered to attend and whose registration was approved by the Rabbi and the Board.
  • Registration Guidelines. All attendees must register by Thursday at 6 PM to attend any specific service, which at this point will be Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat (7:00 PM) or Saturday morning (9:30 AM). Registrations will be on a first-come-first-served basis. Registration will close out when 35 registrations have been approved/finalized. If we cannot confirm the attendance of  11 men, however, services will be canceled. You can register through the links below and/or on our shul website.
  • Social Distancing Guidelines. Seating with social distancing of 6 feet apart-seating will be placed accordingly; NOTE: while we are attempting to provide shading in the patio area, should we need to utilize the parking lot, no shade is presently available. Please prepare/dress accordingly.
  • Masking Guidelines. Everyone who attends will be asked to wear appropriate masking. Attendees will be asked to leave if they are not wearing a mask. Please remember these protocols are set in place for the purpose of ensuring not only your safety but the safety of others as well as everyone’s understandable apprehension during this unsettling period. There is no mainstream Orthodox Shul I am aware of in this country that does/do not require masks at any minyan, inside, or outside.
  • Siddur and Tallis Guidelines. Only designated  Siddurim and Taleisim (prayerbooks and shawls) to be used, to be distributed by Shul volunteers
  • Age Guidelines. Medical personnel and government guidelines all provide recommendations that people of age 65 and above should be extraordinarily cautious and stay at home unless absolutely necessary. Thus, people of this age group are encouraged to remain home and are particularly encouraged to remain home if facing any compromising health issues whether experiencing typical “COVID symptoms” or not. This recommendation applies to any person suffering from or living with any compromised or vulnerable category of health condition, regardless of age. Children below 12 years old should stay home and will not be admitted.
  • State Guidelines. All other local, state and federal guidelines and medical recommendations shall also be maintained and complied with at all times within and outside the Shul, such as frequent hand washing and sanitizing, refraining from “community” touching /kissing of objects (Torah scrolls, religious objects), public areas/fixtures).
  • Take your temperature before you come to shul.  A “Shabbat-use” thermometer is expected to be installed in the near future. Until such is installed, we ask you to self-measure your temperature before arrival to Shul. Due to the precarious health situation the world is facing and that still engulfs our city and community, Rabbi Rubanowitz has recommended the old-style mercury or similar non-digital thermometers, or the “thermometer strips” as available in drug stores, for use on Shabbat during this “COVID-19” period. As mentioned, we hope to have a “Shabbat thermometer” installed soon, which will allow for temperature-taking prior to Shul entry.
  • Stay home if you feel at all ill. All entrants must be free of COVID-19 related/associated symptoms: fever, sneezing, congestion, coughing, sweats, or any typical flu and/or “common cold” symptoms. We will do our best to make appropriate determinations at the door.

With prayers that our efforts to return to our” house of G-d” will indeed bring upon us the blessings of G-d for peace, health, and prosperity for all!

With love and blessings,

Your Rabbi,

Shalom Rubanowitz

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