Please join us as we transform our Shul into a premier gathering center for Judaism, Values and Community.   


We're currently raising over $1,000,000.00 for the Renovation, Restoration and Beautification project for the Shul on the Beach.


We'd truly love you to be a part of it and partner with us while we revitalize and modernize one of the most unique and dynamic centers for spiritual life - in the world.


They're plenty of ways to be involved, either through partnership, donations or volunteering opportunities, while no gift is too big or too small. 


It's truly a historic opportunity that will continue to impact many future generations and we'd love for your input to help us make this happen. 


Please click the button below to contact the Rabbi for further information or alternatively click the donate to give straight away. 






Located along one of the most beautiful beach fronts in the world, with millions of visitors every year along Venice Beach.


The Shul on the Beach (The new Pacific Jewish Center - PJC), is located centrally with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.


The aim of the Shul on the beach is to show the relevance and deeper meaning of Judaism to 21st century Jews and enable them to make life decisions by providing the highest quality educational and social opportunities in a relevant and welcoming environment.


As a social and educational center for Jewish people to come together and connect with others in their community at a beautiful and stunning location, we hope to continue the vision which was once imagined by our founders and enable the Jewish community to thrive in this beautiful part of the world. 


Through stimulating, thought-provoking conversations under the sunset and sharing inspirational conversations throughout the many thriving events that take place at our location.

We hope to inspire everyone to come along and enjoy every moment spent here, while walking away fulfilled and enduring an experience that they'll never forget. 

If you are visiting Southern California, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at the contact details at the bottom of the page. 

We are: 

• A place to meet others in your community.

• A place to share knowledge.

• A place to make friends.
• A place to enjoy Shabbat.

• A place to learn and be inspired.

• A place to connect to your heritage.

• A place to connect to your spirituality.
• A place to simply relax and enjoy your time spent here.




Learn, Meet, & Connect.

Spiritual Shabbats
Business & Networking
Spirituality & Connection
Love & Relationships
Health, Energy & Wellbeing


Ideas & Thoughts directly  from the Rabbi



If you want to make a general donation, please click donate immediately below, for other specific sponsorship opportunities or volunteering, please see under "Other Sponsorship Opportunities" below

Help us, Help others throughout our ongoing projects.

Renovating and improving our facilities

Reach more people

through community events

Inspire thousands of others
through classes and education

Keep our doors open

Always be there for you

Share more Shabbat Dinners

Care for the homeless

Dedicate a Torah

Synagogue support

Other Sponsorship Opportunities
High Holiday Security $1000
Full Dinner or Lunch $1500
Kiddush $360
Refreshments $275
Shabbat Contribution $180
Co-Sponsor $180


We are always so appreciative when people donate to enable us to reach more people, but not everyone is always in a position to do so.

Therefore we truly appreciate people donating their time to help our fundraising efforts or volunteering to help us pay it forward and care for others in the community.


Please contact us by clicking below if you'd like to be a part of our fundraising efforts or be a volunteer at the Shul.