The Shul on the Beach ( The new Pacific Jewish Center - PJC) is a unique new wave community, located in the Venice/Santa Monica vicinity of Southern California. Sixty years ago, “The Shul on the Beach” was part of a thriving Miami Beach-type Jewish coastal community. Over time, suburbanization and the introduction of air-conditioning took their toll.


The community was down to one shul (this one) and no minyan.

In the late seventies, Rabbi Daniel Lapin and Michael Medved joined together to begin a revitalization campaign which had a tremendously positive affect not just on this Shul, but on literally hundreds of mostly young people seeking to raise the level of their Jewish identity.


The Rabbi and Michael merged with a handful of elderly Jews who were struggling to get a morning minyan and keep the shul. Shortly after an arrangement was made between the established congregants and the new members, the morning minyan and Shabbos services were humming with young and old voices alike and what threatened to be the extinction of a historic Jewish landmark had a new breath of life blown into it.


Over the past three-plus decades, The Shul on the Beach has grown into a community with a local core of approximately 50 families and friends, plus hundreds who attend our weekly programming. Membership includes families with children of all ages, elderly couples and singles, young singles and many visitors. The Shul on the Beach is filled with a warmth and caring which is world reknown. The Shul on the Beach is known as well for its thirst for learning.


If you are visiting Southern California for any length of time, we urge you to pay us a visit on Shabbos, or at one of our classes. 



Shalom and welcome to your new home here at the Shul on the Beach!

Just a few years ago I was a simple Shabbat visitor to this beachside Shul, but because of a simple invitation to a Shabbat meal, my life has forever been changed and for the better.

I have been practicing law and “Rabbi-ing” for over 20 years, but nothing has been more exciting than reinvigorating this beautiful community’s growth and resurgence.


Join us for a Friday night Shabbat meal or for our famous Shabbat Lounge “Sushi and Sake” evenings.

Come Kibitz with me at Kiddush on Saturday, or argue with me at our Wednesday night Town Hall Torah and Judaism Salon.

Become a member of our cycling, sailing or Tzeddaka clubs, join our “A Capella” choir or volunteer time to help run our new matchmaking service!


However you choose to connect to our Shul on the beach, you will find us your new “Home away from Home".


Having studied and received Rabbinic Ordination from the world’s greatest institutions and Rabbi's, both here and in Israel alongside a full law practice.


I am eager to show you how becoming more intimate with our glorious traditions and history can transform your life wherever you are in life, whether you're a regular synagogue-goer or a one time visitor! 


Do you have a Rabbi? Do you belong to a community you love?


If not, I would be honoured to be “your Rabbi” and the Shul on the Beach happily embraces you to our community!


Please click below to contact me, or learn more about my background.