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  • Rabbi Shalom Rubanowitz

Sell your chametz with the Shul on the Beach

Click the button below to download the chametz form for mail, email or personally delivery to the Rabbi. ALL FORMS MUST BE IN BY THURSDAY MORNING APRIL 18, 2019. DON’T LEAVE IT TO THE LAST MINUTE, PLEASE!

Personal Delivery: Call, Fax or email Rabbi Rubanowitz to arrange a personal meeting and do an in-person “Kinyan”.

Fax to: 323-902-0727

Snail Mail: 124 N. La Brea Avenue, LA, CA 90036

If the download button does not directly download the file, but rather opens up the PDF in a new window, click CTRL-S (on a Windows) or ⌘-S (on a Mac) to download it up from the pop-up window.


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