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Sell your chametz with the Shul on the Beach | Pesach 2020

Click the "Download Form" button below to download the chometz sale form.

If the download button does not directly download the file, but rather opens up the PDF in a new window, click CTRL-S (on a Windows) or ⌘-S (on a Mac) to download it up from the pop-up window.

Deadline To Receive: Tuesday April 7, 5:00 PM


  1. Fill out the form, scan or take a picture of it, and then email it to:

  2. The email subject line should read as follows: "Shul On The Beach Chometz Sale Form".


  1. If you cannot email it, you can also text it to the Rabbi's phone number: 323-877-2320

  2. Please text this sentence prior to texting the scan/photo: "Shul On The Beach Chometz Sale Form".


If you are unable to scan or take a picture of the form, then email or text (email:, phone: 323-877-2320) the Rabbi the following information (numbers 1-5) with the text in bold italics beneath it:

  1. Name:

  2. Address:

  3. Addresses where any and all Chometz is located (if different than above):

  4. Cell/Best Phone #:

  5. Email:

“I authorize Rabbi Shalom Rubanowitz to sell all Chometz possessed by me (knowingly or unknowingly) as defined by the Torah And Rabbinic Law pursuant to all the terms of the “Delegation of Power of Attorney for Sale of Chometz” Form (“Delegation”) that Rabbi Rubanowitz has sent to me or made available this year and previous years for all those who wish to sell their Chametz through Rabbi Rubanowitz (and as available on the Shul on the Beach website). The herein authorization shall be deemed tantamount to my execution of said Delegation in its entirety and shall be considered as if I signed the actual Delegation itself”.

Again, be sure that the email subject reads as follows: "Shul On The Beach Chometz Sale Form". If you are texting this information, text "Shul On The Beach Chometz Sale Form" before you send the information.


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